Crystal Meth Addiction: Soeharto’s Great Grandchild Sent to Rehab – Jakarta Post

Crystal Meth Addiction: Soeharto’s great grandchild sent to rehab – Jakarta Post
Based on the 2009 Narcotics Law, drug addicts should be placed in rehabilitation centers … convict may possess and still be eligible for rehabilitation, at 1 gram of crystal methamphetamine, 2.4 grams of ecstasy, 1.8 grams of heroine and cocaine and …
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Markham ready to retire from GCASA executive director post – The Daily News Online
Markham credited aggressive law enforcement initiatives for reducing the supply of crystal meth available to drug users. The most significant drug abuse problem of 2011 and recent years is addiction to prescription opiates, which young people can find in …
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Crystal Meth Addiction: A Radical New Definition of Addiction Creates a Big Storm – AlterNet
… has stamped a diagnosis of sex or gambling or food addiction as every bit as medically valid as addiction to alcohol or heroin or crystal meth may spark more controversy than its subtler but equally far-reaching assertions. The new …
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Crystal Meth Addiction: PAWN STARS: NO METH MADE US FAT!
Big Hoss became addicted to crystal meth as a teen. For five years, he crashed with friends and stole from tourists on the Las Vegas strip for money to feed his $ 800-a-day habit. His father told him: “You want to be a drug addict, fine.
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