Alcoholism and Substance Abuse- Finally a Solution

Crystal Meth Addiction: Alcoholism and Substance Abuse- Finally a Solution

Learn more: Alcoholism and drug addiction plague millions of people. It can be very frustrating for somebody with a problem to deal with this. What is even more frustrating is the continued relapses that commonly occur over the course of several years and the continued treatment that is necessary. For most the treatment never seems to produce lasting results. This is troubling not only for the addicted person, but for their family and loved ones as well. Ibogaine is a drug that you will not hear about from a doctor or a rehab. It is illegal in the US and hardly anybody has ever heard of it. An addict accidentally discovered what Ibogaine could do for addiction back in the 60’s. To this day addicts usually learn about it from other addicts. This is because addicts that know about Ibogaine want to share it with those in need because the medical community at large has no real interest in treating addiction. Ibogaine is the only known substance that seems to treat the actual disease of addiction itself, not just it’s symptoms like depression, anxiety or mood swings. The ability to interrupt a person’s physical and psychological dependence on drugs of abuse is truly cutting edge. The applications for Ibogaine could be unbelievable and it does represent a completely new category of psychiatric medication. This drug assists people trying to change their behavior and catalyzes the transition in a way no other medication can. I encourage you to learn

Crystal Meth Addiction: GREY MATTERS: Young and old memories of the Hotel Chelsea
He also suffered a terrible physical decline resulting from a two-decade addiction to crystal meth and the effects of HIV-AIDS. He filed one last article, “Musings on Mortality,” for The Advocate before dying in hospice of liver failure as a result of
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