Cocaine No Longer the Drug of Choice

Crystal Meth Addiction: Cocaine no longer the drug of choice
In these rough economic times, another pricey extravagance appears to be waning in South Florida: cocaine. The city that gave rise to Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs has seen a decline in people seeking treatment for cocaine addiction or dying from the drug. Twenty five years after “Miami Vice” became part of the country’s cocaine culture lore, Miami is leading the nation in the beginning of …
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Crystal Meth Addiction: My mother, the Playboy Bunny
Some had become shut-ins, some became crystal meth addicts, but whatever their story, normal teen angst seemed to be amplified, and their parents — caring, supportive — watched helplessly as the happy children they loved receded into a dark place
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Two arrested Wednesday on meth, weapon charges
Two individuals were arrested Wednesday night in San Marcos during an undercover police operation and charged with delivering crystal methamphetamine. Osorio and Martinez-Gutierrez were charged with Delivery of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group
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