Crystal Meth Addiction: A Brief Guide on Methamphetamine Addiction in Illinois

Methamphetamine addiction in Illinois is one of the worst in the whole nation. The rehab centers that specifically cater to this kind of addiction are always full to capacity which is an indication of how invasive this has been to the state. The more serious issue is that most of the people who are seeking methamphetamine treatment in Illinois are young people. The average age of methamphetamine addiction in Illinois is between 18 and 25 years, a statistic that definitely makes the issue appear to be too grim.

This article presents some specific information on meth and crystal meth addiction in the state. (Meth is the local abbreviation for methamphetamine. Crystal meth is a purer version of methamphetamine that is also used as a recreational substance. Crystal meth is more expensive and also much more addictive than methamphetamine itself).

The Extent of Methamphetamine Addiction in Illinois

The greatest concentration of methamphetamine is found within the city of Chicago, but other areas are also not bereft of this substance. The addiction in Chicago is not visible on the surface, but there have been strong indications that the drug has a significant presence here. Other parts are also badly hit. Region-wise, the most common areas for methamphetamine supply and addiction within the state are the parts of central and southern Illinois.

How does Methamphetamine come into Illinois?

There are several ways in which methamphetamine comes into Illinois. These include both through import from neighboring states and countries and through local production.

The largest source of methamphetamine for Illinois is Mexico. Mexico is actually one of the largest producers of methamphetamine in the world, and America is its largest market. The methamphetamine that is produced in Mexico is sent over here through the roadways. Copious quantities of methamphetamine are smuggled in by the various drug trafficking organizations strewn across the state. Though methamphetamine can come directly from Mexico, another popular route is from Mexico to California and then from California to Illinois.

Once the methamphetamine has reached the state through some method, it is distributed among the denizens of the state through local operators. The main contribution here is of the motorcycle gangs who operate secretly throughout the state and distribute the drug. Several street gangs belonging to the Hispanic community are also involved in this distribution activity.

Local Production of Methamphetamine in Illinois

As though this influx of methamphetamine into Illinois was not enough, the drug is also produced within the state itself. Methamphetamine is a synthetic chemical that can be produced using some simple substances from around the home, the main ingredient being cough syrup containing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. This type of production is being very commonly done in various clandestinely operating labs within the state. These labs use a method known as the Birch Production Method in order to produce meth and then crystal meth.

The methamphetamine that is produced in these local labs is distributed within the local area. This is done through a chain of operators who have contacts with certain parts of the state where methamphetamine can be distributed. The meth and crystal meth that comes in through these meth labs also becomes a significant part of the overall meth addiction of the state, because each of these labs has an ability to produce as many as ten pounds of the substance in a single day.

Why is Methamphetamine Addiction in Illinois more of a Youth Problem?

Methamphetamine addiction in Illinois is mostly concentrated among the youth. The reason for this lies in the fact that the meth and crystal meth that are produced are distributed in areas where youth hang out in the state, as they are the easiest targets. Also, if a young person is once addicted to the substance, it is very difficult to come out of it. Youth also prefer methamphetamine and crystal meth over other addictive substances because of their mild libido-enhancing effect. However, this has brought another problem in its wake, which is of an AIDS scare. Since methamphetamine is mostly used in a group format, where several people are hanging out together, the aphrodisiacal effect of these substances may make them indulge in unsafe sexual practices, which could risk them to infections such as AIDS.

It can be clearly seen how the problem of meth addiction in Illinois is definitely much more complicated and intertwined than it appears on the surface. Thankfully, the government is doing all it can to prevent this menace.

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