Crystal Meth Addiction: Box Set Club: Six Feet Under

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Crystal Meth Addiction: Box Set Club: Six Feet Under
All of them crack spectacularly within the first half hour – not least Ruth whose plate-throwing breakdown is one of the most incredible pieces of acting ever and Claire, whose experimentation with crystal meth could not have been worse timed.
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Dangers of methamphetamines
but it also leads to a vastly increased chance of addiction and even more serious health issues. Street names for the drug include “speed”, “meth”, “ice”, “crank”, “crystal” and “glass”. Although it is a highly addictive and destructive drug,
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Drug Czar "Too Busy" To Discuss Drug War Failure With Fellow Cops
You've also asserted that marijuana should continue to be classified, along with heroin and crystal meth, as a “Schedule 1? drug, thereby buttressing the position that the feds, not the states, reign triumphant in the government's battle to keep
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Ray Grant – Maybe (Shurin’s Allstars Whitelabel Single)

Thanks to: Dave, Francis, Harrison, Jill, Óscar, David, Francis, Ronen, Monika, Tachatrin, Martina, Jan-Willem, Alix, Eduardo, Melissa, Gina, Sugi, Jennifer, Daniel, Nicky, Stef, Steven, May, Rikke, Sanna, Rajah, Gerardo, Viresh and Madieke! The EP features two brand new b-sides. “Positive (Under my skin)” mashes up Michael Franti and Spearhead’s “Positive” with Neneh Cherry’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, continuing on the exploration of the topic of HIV/AIDS from the a-side. “Experience” is a jolly, poppy house track about crystal meth addiction, inspired by a Louis Theroux documentary. Four brand new remixes have been provided by Andy Is Not Here, Vitreous, Shurin Manbodh (who has also directed the video) and Ray himself, ranging from jumpstyle (think Scooter) through industrial (think Nine Inch Nails on a bleak day) through dance/techno electronica (think Underworld) through electro (think Ray Grant). DOWNLOAD MAYBE EP FOR FREE:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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