Crystal Meth Addiction: Jail Closings Would Hurt Efforts of Meth Group, Co-Chair Says – Owen Sound Sun Times

Crystal Meth Addiction: Jail closings would hurt efforts of meth group, co-chair says – Owen Sound Sun Times
The Owen Sound jail was not part of the survey, since the Owen Sound area wasn’t identified as high risk for crystal meth use, said Stockman, who is also executive director of HopeGreyBruce Mental Health and Addiction Services. “We do not have the same …
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Three possible formulations that could treat methamphetamine addiction – Transworld News
Methamphetamine use and addiction also creates a huge problem for employers because of lost productivity. The drug is also commonly known as meth or crystal meth, and can create a variety of health problems including cardiovascular damage and ultimately …
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Crossroads: More Transitional Living Space for Men Suffering from Alcohol and Drug Addiction – East Valley Tribune
From April 2007 to March 2009, 154 crystal meth addicts between 18 and 57 years old entered Right Track. Of that total, 108 (72.5%) completed the 21-day program. What’s interesting about the completion rate is the fact that 71 of those graduates were …
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Theft part of addicts’ life – Ottawa Sun
Addicts sell or trade stolen property for roughly one-tenth … In the thousands of urine tests done at Rideauwood, they have never had anyone test positive for crystal meth. “It started coming into town a few years ago,” says Budd.
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Confessions of a Gay Sex Addict-Turned-Therapist – EDGE Boston
In an exclusive interview with EDGE, Weiss expounded on his original and even controversial ideas about what constitutes sex addiction, where the boundaries are, how to find them — and the role of porn, crystal meth and one’s peers. EDGE : You write …
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Mitchell says she is listening to constituents
Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell takes umbrage when she hears that people are saying she’s not listening to the concerns of local residents about the closing of the Walkerton jail.
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