Crystal Meth Addiction: Ontario Men Arrested in Winnipeg Woman’s Slaying

Crystal Meth Addiction: Ontario men arrested in Winnipeg woman’s slaying
Toronto police have arrested two men in connection with the slaying of Leanne Freeman, the 23-year-old woman who was found shot on the eastern edge of downtown Toronto.
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Heidi Fleiss Faces Meth Charges in Nevada

SelectPlusHeidi Fleiss Faces Meth Charges in NevadaHeidi Fleiss Faces Meth Charges in NevadaThe Associated PressFormer “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss is facing felony drug use and possession charges stemming from a February traffic stop in the rural Nevada town where she lives. (July 12)Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss is in the news again….Now facing felony drug use and possesion charges….. It all stemmed from an incident in February —When the 42-year-old was pulled over in the rural Nevada town where she now lives.Police say she was stopped under suspicion of driving under the influence.Officials are charging her with unlawful use of methamphetamine and possessing the painkiller hydrocodone without a prescription. Fleiss was recently quoted in a Las Vegas newspaper as saying she has “a bit of a substance abuse problem.”Fleiss moved to Nevada in 2005, after being jailed in California for running a prostitution ring.She now runs a coin-operated laundromat….called Dirty Laundry.The district attorney says prosecutors are not pursing the initial drunk driving charge. ___ ___, The Associated Press.

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