Enslaving Families

Crystal Meth Addiction in the News

Crystal Meth Addiction: Enslaving families
With no blood flowing to the gums, meth addicts lose their teeth, usually after the drug's acid has eaten away enamel. "It can take one use to become an addict, but almost two years to treat the brain," she said. In her book, "Crystal Meth: They Call
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Russia's Flesh Eating Heroin And Other Seriously Bad Drugs
Again, as with Krokodil, though US laws have had a crackdown on its ingredients, crystal meth can be knocked up crudely, with the main proponent, ephedrine, able to be lifted from commercial weight loss pills and even cough syrups.
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Crystal Meth Addiction: 3 generations in jail on drug charges
And that's where the denial pieces in that this is okay,” Sorrells said. The counselors said crystal meth can be particularly harmful. The stimulant causes hours of euphoria and then a huge crash, leaving addicts desperate for more.
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Tweak

A heartbreaking and powerful memoir of a young man’s plunge into the mental and physical depths of crystal meth addiction. A raw and harrowing portrai Get more on Nic Sheff at SimonandSchuster.com: authors.simonandschuster.com
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