Fact About Crystal Meth Addiction

Meth is the abbreviation of methamphetamine or methylamphetamine. It is also known as crystal meth. Its street names are ice and cristy. Meth is a sympathomimetic and a psychostimulant substance. Some of its isomers, such as unmethylated amphetamine, are prescribed as medications for hyperactivity disorder. Crystal meth, which is an illegal and an addictive substance, directly affects the central nervous system. When administered, crystal meth brings toxins to the human body. According to statistical studies, crystal meth is very addictive that about 42% of first timers feel the need to try it again while approximately 84% of second time users feel the need to take it over and over again that it turns into an addiction. Most of the first time crystal meth users are unaware of the harmful effects it may cause to the human body. They simply like using meth because it causes them to “feel wonderful.”

Crystal meth is classified under the D-type methamphetamine class accompanied by GIB, JIB, sister, and ice. The following are a few facts regarding D-type methamphetamine:

(1) This type of meths is generally crystalline in structure and is mostly transparent and sparkly in appearance. They look like sugar cubes.

(2) D-methamphetamine is smoked using single-chambered glass pipes or cracked light bulbs.

(3) When D-methamphetamine is warmed up by using small fires or common lighters, it is likely to become vapor soon after forming a liquid puddle.

(4) This variety of methamphetamine starts to react somewhat impulsively, within 3 to 5 seconds, when administered. Within a short period of time, D-methamphetamines affect the central nervous system. Its side-effects, which are easily noticed, typically last for approximately 8 to 24 hours.

There is another type of methamphetamine existing these days and it goes by the name L-type meth. Several examples of this kind of meths are smack, speed, crank, yellow, and grit.


Crystal meth affects the body both mentally and physiologically. The following are the several side-effects of crystal meth:

Psychological Effects:

(1) The delirious side-effects of crystal meth are very much comparable to that of cocaine.

(2) Crystal meth triggers psychological complications a lot faster than the other varieties of drugs. The psychological effects of crystal meth last for around 8 to 24 hours.

(3) Because the side-effects of the crystal meth last for a longer period of time, first time users become even more inclined to use the substance yet again.

(4) Usually, users of crystal meth will most likely use the substance more often.

(5) Because crystal meth causes the users to stay wide awake for a long period of time, which is about 8 to 24 hours, the users are most likely to sleep for a long time after that in order to make up for the time they wasted because of staying up a whole lot longer. The amount of time spent by the crystal meth user for resting or sleeping is usually the same as the time he spent for being wide awake.

(6) Crystal meth dependent people sometimes feel chemically-induced schizophrenia and toxic psychosis.

Physiological Effects:

(1) Crystal meth users often experience a few physical complications such as skin rashes, itching, body sores, JIB sores, and cracked lips.

(2) Speed bumps become noticeable the instant the harmful substances penetrate the crystal meth user’s system.

(3) Some of the symptoms of crystal meth addiction include mental confusion, incapability to focus on the goals, hyper alertness, muscle spasms and muscle cramps.

(4) The effects of crystal meth are also visible through the crystal meth user’s eyes. The crystal meth user’s pupils become quite dilated and his eye movement becomes very rapid.

(5) A persistent ingestion of crystal meth leads to lightheadedness, blurred vision, and lack of coordination.

(6) An addiction to crystal meth may also cause health disorders such as liver failure, lung failure, kidney failure, cerebral toxicity, and a handful of serious heart-associated diseases such as congestive heart failure and myocardial infarction.

(7) Another possible effect of using crystal meth, even in trace amounts, is brain injury.

(8) Aside from the above mentioned physiological effects and probable health problems, crystal meth addiction may also cause the death of the user.

An addiction to crystal meth is totally curable when the proper treatments are performed. There are some residential and non-residential addiction treatment programs available for crystal meth users who are willing to be treated. These treatment services also include counseling. The treatment services include detoxifying the human body while the counseling proper involve encouraging the crystal meth user to give up his addiction. It is really important for the crystal meth user to get an adequate amount of love and support from his family, his peers, and his fellowmen so that he can restore his health a little sooner.

Berlin Flores is a fitness and health writer who specializes in crystal meth addiction subjects. Access the crystal meth addiction webpage http://www.crystalrecovery.com for further study regarding crystal meth addiction.

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