Former Korn Guitarist on Fame, Fragility, Family and Faith –

Crystal Meth Addiction: Former Korn Guitarist On Fame, Fragility, Family And Faith –
Thousands of people came out to hear a former crystal meth addict turned Christian tell his story. Brain Welch, more commonly known by his nickname “Head,” was at Parkview Christian Church Saturday and Sunday for an on-stage talk with Pastor Tim Harlow.
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Crystal Meth Addiction: Steve Martin receiving Kennedy Center Honors

Hello on this Wednesday, the 12 day of September 2007. I’m Kristin Volk with a UPI Entertainment Update. Comic actor Steve Martin and film director Martin Scorsese are just two of five people earning Kennedy Center Honors this year. The others include singer Diana Ross, Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson and pianist Leon Fleisher. They’re being recognized for their influence on US culture and receiving what’s considered the most coveted award a US performer or artist can receive. A gala performance celebrating the five honorees will take place in December at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC President Bush and the First Lady will be in attendance. Former Full House Star Jodi Sweetin is pregnant. There’s no word on when she’s due yet. The 25-year-old married set designer Cody Herpin in July in a small Las Vegas ceremony. Sweetin was previously married to a Los Angeles police officer. Rosie O’Donnell has some advice for her former boss Barbara Walters: retire. In O’Donnell’s upcoming memoir, “Celebrity Detox,” she addresses Walters, saying quote at some point it becomes necessary to step back. The book sheds light on the TV star’s rocky stint last season on The View, among other topics. Walters responded saying Rosie has written a very sad book, but she chooses to focus on the happier times they had and will have in the future. Fergie is telling the media to give singer Britney Spears and actress Lindsay Lohan a break. The Black Eye Peas singer made the comment at the

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