How Crystal Meth Addiction Endangers Children

Discussion of the dangers of crystal meth addiction usually focuses on the threat meth poses for adults, but addiction often has collateral damage. When a meth addict has children, works with kids, or is close with children in his or her family, the addiction can pose various dangers to the young people. What is more, women who use meth when pregnant or breastfeeding risk passing health problems along to their children. All in all, while crystal meth addiction is always bad, having kids in the picture should give any addict extra incentive to seek addiction treatment.


Here are a few ways in which crystal meth addiction can endanger children.


When meth is smoked, remnants of the drug can linger in the air and remain on the surfaces of the room. Traces of meth can also permeate food and drink in the household. Even small amounts, when inhaled or ingested by children, can lead to any number of potential health problems.


During the meth production process, there is a high risk of explosions and fires. Such incidents cause hundreds of deaths every year, and the deaths do not only include the meth cookers themselves. The explosions sadly often affect innocent bystanders as well, including children. This is one of the harsher costs of crystal meth addiction.


Parents with crystal meth addiction often end up neglecting their family responsibilities, which can lead to conditions of neglect in the home. This can result in emotional problems for the children, and it can also create hazardous conditions. Children living in such conditions are more likely to get into trouble, endanger themselves, or become malnourished.


Meanwhile, pregnant mothers who use crystal meth put their unborn children at great risk. Even a single instance of crystal meth use during pregnancy greatly increases the chances of birth defects and pregnancy complications making meth use during pregnancy extremely dangerous for the unborn child. If the mother does not get rehab for addiction as soon as possible, the unborn child is virtually guaranteed to have problems. However, pregnant mothers who seek crystal meth treatment early enough can often avoid complications.

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Crystal Meth Addiction: Crystal Meth and Methamphetamines Addiction

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