What Is Hashish?

Question by THE SLAYER: What is Hashish?
and what is Opium?

Whats a good definition for “Addiction” (As in the drug type)

and what is crank?

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Answer by (another) suburban relapse
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Answer by mehryar
hi dear
Hashish is kind of drug which causes inebriety.it is an Indian plant called” Indian Shahdaneh”and its known from China AND India.another famous name for this is :”Mary Javana “.reserches show that most people after age of 34 use it!it is very likely to opium and it is very harmful for health.it causes cancer,confusion,dying of cells in brainand….
be careful,if anyone use it try to help me stop using that.u have to support him or her in order to stop using.
It just gives u a good feeling in short period but u should be aware of its disadvantages.
Crack is another kind which gives u a lot fo energy to dance and it empty your mind of bothering things but it is very dangerous because it made from chemichals.and many people cant tolerate its side effect which kills so many yong people.
i hope u and every one in the world never use this drugs for better tommorow we hope.
try to read more about them

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