What Makes Crystal Meth Recovery Work

If you’ve been through many facilities, and an addicted loved one just can’t seem to get any better, you’ve probably lost all faith in the system. There are only too many stories like this one, and as the statistics will show, at least 70% of recovering addicts undergo relapses once they’re out of the center. Before you start pointing fingers and declaring that none of these rehab treatments really work, look again. Each case of addiction is different from another, and there are other factors which may have caused the rehab failure.




Both the family of the addicted patient and the patient him/herself needs to be committed to the process for any crystal meth addiction recovery to work. If any of the parties are resisting what the facility is trying to do, a lot of time and money would be wasted on the attempt. Of course not all crystal meth addicts admit themselves to the rehab center. Most of the time rehab centers are faced with patients who resist their programs to no end. The family needs to be very patient because the recovery will take time. As long as they’re there for support, though, things should go well enough.


Timing and balance


Don’t wait for the addiction to get any worse. As soon as you suspect a case of meth addiction in your family, call up a center right away. You’ll be doing your addicted loved one a favor when you do this. The more prolonged the addiction is, the higher the risk. Crystal meth users are prone to suffer from heart failures, permanent brain damage, and uncontrollable rage or hallucinations unless the addiction is treated right away.


You should also look for a center which gives a well balanced and targeted care. Make sure that both the psychological and physiological needs of the patients are met. You should also look for facilities which customize their programs to fit a particular case of addiction perfectly. Template treatments are one of the leading causes of addiction.


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