Which of the Following Drugs Does the Most Damage to America?

Question by Jay T: Which of the following drugs does the most damage to America?
If you were to set up a task force to tackle only ONE drug and see what you can do to stop it…

Crack Cocaine – Although crack cocaine is known to only have its influence largely in communities which are already on the “outs” – it’s reputation for causing “instant addiction” and connection to crimes like vandalism and theft make it a prime candidate.

Crystal Meth – although a meth user can “function” in society for a longer period of time undetected, the health risks associated with the drug are often disasterous and costly.

Heroin – although use of heroin is not nearly as prevalent in the USA as the others, it is marked by its connection to rebellious foreign enterprises like Al Qeida… It can cause delusional states in which the user acts out violently and it appeals to users who would ordinarily be peaceful and creative.

Ecstacy – Often used in controlled environments (nightclubs, at home or parties) this drug doesn’t often find its way out on to the street, but it is considered the most celebrated gateway drug for young people and has some serious health risks attached.

GHB – although this “date rape drug” is now used recreationally and without much detection, an overdose is often deadly. To complicate matters, it’s new reputation as a “club drug” has created deadly situations in which nightclub owners decide NOT to contact medical or emergency authorities when a patron overdoses, lest their reputation be marred.

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