Richard Sinnott: Simple Solution for Oxycontin Abuse: Ban It – Jupiter Courier

Crystal Meth Effects: Richard Sinnott: Simple solution for Oxycontin abuse: Ban it – Jupiter Courier
Unlike the easily concocted methamphetamine of today … Though it does stop pain, I personally do not care for the overall effect of the drug. The record is now crystal clear that the drug has huge potential for abuse and overdose, and common sense …
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Crystal Meth Effects: Ron Dzwonkowski: Bath salts making deadly splash in drug culture – Detroit Free Press
These salts — synthetic chemicals on the order of PCP or crystal meth — are not for bathing … Michigan has had at least one death associated with bath salts, and bad-effects cases grew so frequent in the Upper Peninsula this spring that four U.P …
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Crystal Meth Effects: Delray Recovery Center offers Partial Hospitalization Drug Treatment with day/night residential housing – Transworld News
crystal meth, cocaine, marijuana, painkillers or other prescription medications. These treatment programs are for anyone who come to grips with the fact that they have a problem, which if not corrected, will have permanent, negative effects on their life.
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Crystal Meth Effects: The Effects of Crystal Meth

Don’t do drugs. music by Aerosmith “Dude looks like a lady”

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