Meth Left in Parking Lot of Knecht’s –

Crystal Meth Facts: Meth left in parking lot of Knecht’s –
Police say the employee, who wants to remain anonymous, stumbled upon nearly 20 grams of crystal meth yesterday … was able to confirm with the field test kit that it was in fact methamphetamine.” Dunbar says the employee did just about everything …
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Crystal Meth Facts: Walter Hill meth lab dismantled – Daily News Journal
Methamphetamine, also known as crank, crystal methamphetamine and ice … People who know her location may call the sheriff’s office at 615-898-7770. “We have information she was purchasing pseudo ephedrine for several years,” Fields said.
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Crystal Meth Facts: Breaking Bad’ Cast Toasts Season 4 Premiere – Wall Street Journal
The season premiere established tension from the beginning as rival chemist, Gale Boetticher, told his boss, the brutal Gustavo Fring, that his own meth-cooking skill is inferior to whoever made the batch of the 99% pure Blue Crystal – Walter’s concoction.
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